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Loren Helene Harris-Heller first studied Painting and Drawing in London, England and subsequently earned a joint Master of Fine Arts Degree (with Honors) in Studio Painting & Sculpture and the History of Art from Edinburgh University, Scotland. 


Her unique drawing style and conscious use of color is what sets her apart from oher artists. In describing her work, the artist says, "My paintings are fields of saturated color-- color, with all its magical, atmospheric qualities is what I strive to depict." This is so clearly evident in her recent evocative acrylics and in her earlier watercolors and oils with their flat juxtaposed patches of complementary color that make her paintings resonate. 


Her works are in many private collections in the U.S. 


The artist lives and maintains a studio in Santa Monica, California. 

© 2017 by Loren Harris-Heller. All rights reserved.

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